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        時間: 2019-07-26 08:42 瀏覽次數:
        垃圾廠防異味軟門,水泥廠防塵門,防塵軟門簾,水泥廠隔塵門 ,垃圾廠隔臭門 「北京廠房快速門」堆積門的防砸安全保護方式說明


        Explanation of Anti-smashing Safety Protection Method for the Accumulated Door of "Beijing Factory Fast Gate"


        Everything is not absolutely safe, there is no certain danger. Fast curtain door belongs to high-precision electronic door products. In the use process, strict supervision must be exercised. Professional training should be given to the daily staff to ensure the safe production of "Hohhot Gate" and the service life of the door.


        First of all, we need to monitor in place so as to achieve safety. Whether the opening and closing are normal or not is directly related to people's life safety.



        Previously, some people have heard that personal injury caused by malfunction happens frequently due to improper use of users, so regular maintenance is very important.


        Explanation of Anti-smashing Safety Protection Method for the Accumulated Door of "Beijing Factory Fast Gate"

        其次,對員工加強制度規范性教育,要求不可隨意使用,當門體下降過程中,叉車不可強入, 電機及控制箱位置要保持干燥,手動按鈕開啟時,要求佩戴絕緣手套,定期檢查,并樹立員工規范操作意識。

        Secondly, to strengthen the system and normative education for employees, it is required that they should not be used at will, forklift trucks should not be forced in the process of door body falling, motor and control box should be kept dry, when manual buttons are opened, insulating gloves should be worn, regular checks should be made, and employees'awareness of standardized operation should be established.


        Finally, if a faulty fast shutter door is found, power should be cut off immediately, stop using it, contact the professional maintenance personnel of the manufacturer, and do not dismantle and repair it privately.


        Fast shutter doors are manufactured and installed in strict accordance with the requirements, standards and requirements of tender documents and construction contracts, and quality control is strictly ensured to ensure a safe and fast shutter door for users.

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